15th International Conference ELEKTRO 2024 馃搶 20-22 May 2024 Hotel Belvedere Resort & Spa Zakopane, Poland #ELEKTRO2024

Emotors & UTCN, two of the Maxima’s partners, will showcase initial project findings the upcoming 15th International Conference ELEKTRO 2024. The event, renowned for showcasing the latest advancements in electrical engineering and related fields, will take place from May 20th to May 22nd, 2024, at the Hotel Belvedere Resort & Spa in Zakopane, Poland.

At this conference, Emotors & UTCN will present a paper titled 芦Optimal Dual-Rotor Axial-Flux Surface-Mounted PM Machines for Automotive Application.禄 Co-authored by experts from Emotors and Cluj Napoca University, this paper introduces a comprehensive comparison between various structures of axial flux electrical machines. Specifically, the study focuses on dual rotor, surface-mounted permanent magnet configurations, including yokeless stator and concentric winding designs.

The comparison, conducted with iso-geometric dimensions and iso-electrical parameters, evaluates different combinations of slots and poles, with a primary emphasis on torque density classification. Additionally, a secondary classification based on electromagnetic performance factors such as losses, power factor, and demagnetization risk is also explored. The research considers the specifications of a medium-sized electric car, ensuring its relevance to contemporary automotive applications.

To ensure the accuracy of the findings, the study employs Finite Element Analysis (FEA-3D) calculations, enhancing the precision of the results and their applicability to real-world scenarios.

The work will be presented at a poster session. We’ll be on hand to discuss our work and take your questions / suggestions.

The 15th International Conference ELEKTRO 2024 will cover a wide range of topics including Mechatronics, Electronics, Control Systems, Power Electrical Systems, and more. Attendees can expect insightful presentations, workshops, and networking opportunities, providing a platform for professionals to exchange ideas and foster collaboration in the field of electrical engineering.

Maxima’s participation underscores its commitment to advancing the frontier of electric motor technology and its dedication to driving innovation in automotive electrification. Save the date and join Maxima at the forefront of innovation in electric motor technology at the 15th International Conference ELEKTRO 2024.

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