We are thrilled to announce that Maxima will be participating in the «Automotive Disruption» session at the FISITA World Congress. The session is scheduled to take place on 13th September between 08:00 – 09:30, as part of the Technical sessions. 

The «Automotive Disruption» session, chaired by Adria Ferrer from Applus+ IDIADA, promises to be an insightful event. Each session will feature four presentations, with 20 minutes allotted to each presenter. 

 Here’s a glimpse of what Maxima will be presenting: 

  • Presentation Title: «MAXIMA: Modular Axial Flux Motor for Automotive» 

Maxima’s paper is a collaborative work from the consortium, providing an overview of the innovative project concept. 

The MAXIMA project, funded by Horizon Europe, aims to design a low-cost modular axial flux electrical machine (EM) for the automotive market with improved performance and reduced environmental impact. This 4-year endeavor integrates multiphysics design, thermal management concepts, and Digital Twin to optimize control strategies. Emphasizing recyclability, MAXIMA will explore life cycle analysis for sustainable solutions. Despite challenges in balancing efficiency, cost, and performance, MAXIMA leads the way in developing high-performance EMs, considering the entire value chain. 

Mark your calendars to hear about other exciting presentations: 

  • FWC2023-AVD-004: «Proposal of a reference-based development of corporate strategies based on the model of SGE – System Generation Engineering» by Mr. Florian Stammnitz from IPEK – Institute of Product Engineering (KIT), Germany. 
  • FWC2023-AVD-005: «Exploring immersion cooling as a viable thermal management solution for electric vehicles: an investigative study» by Mr. Rodrigo Amorim Dias from Motul, France. 
  • FWC2023-AVD-007: «Powertrain electrification: Renault road towards carbon-neutral target» by Mr. Philippe Shulz from Renault, France. 

The FISITA World Congress offers an exceptional opportunity to delve into the forefront of automotive innovation and disruption. We look forward to connecting with industry leaders, sharing insights, and exploring the future of the automotive landscape together. 

FISITA World Congress 

The FISITA World Congress is a global gathering of automotive experts, engineers, researchers, and industry professionals, held to explore the forefront of automotive innovation and disruptive technologies. This prestigious event serves as a platform for knowledge exchange, networking, and collaboration within the automotive community. With a rich history dating back to 1947, FISITA has become an essential milestone in the automotive calendar, providing unparalleled insights into the latest advancements and challenges in the industry. The 2023 edition is taking place in Barcelona, Spain from 12-15 September.  

Be part of the future and join us in this exciting session! See you there!

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  1. I’m so interested in your project MAXIMA. I’m not sure that I could join your session in FISITA World Congress 2023. But I would try to participate as possible.
    I’m a senior researcher at Hyundai Steel company which is one of Hyundai Motor Group. Our research group has been interested too.
    Hope your best.

    1. Thank you so much for expressing your interest in our project MAXIMA. We truly appreciate your enthusiasm and willingness to participate in the FISITA World Congress 2023. We understand that scheduling can be challenging, but we hope you can join us if possible.

      It’s fantastic to hear that Hyundai Steel and your research group is interested in our project. Collaboration and interest from esteemed organizations like yours would undoubtedly add great value to our efforts.

      We wish you all the best in your endeavors, and should you have any questions or require further information, please don’t hesitate to reach out. We hope to have the opportunity to connect and share our progress with you soon. To stay informed, we invite you to subscribe to our newsletter:

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