The Future is Electric, and MAXIMA is Leading the Charge 

On this World Day for CO2 Emission Reduction, we celebrate a groundbreaking initiative that is steering the automotive industry towards a greener and more sustainable future. The EU-funded MAXIMA project is at the forefront of developing a complete methodology for the design and production of electrical machines (EM) tailored for the burgeoning electric vehicle market. 



Harnessing the Power of Axial Flux Synchronous Machines  

MAXIMA recognizes the pivotal role of low-cost, highly compact, and environmentally friendly EMs in the successful transition to electric vehicles. With a focus on Axial Flux Synchronous Machines (AFSM), MAXIMA is exploring uncharted territories to enhance performance and reduce costs. 

While AFSMs have historically been limited to niche markets due to high manufacturing costs, they offer untapped potential. MAXIMA’s objective is clear: optimize the design and manufacturing/recycling processes of AFSMs, thereby maximizing their efficiency while minimizing environmental impact. 


Project Objective: Shaping the Future of Automotive Electrification 

The objective of the MAXIMA project is monumental: to create a comprehensive methodology for designing EMs and their associated production systems for the automotive core market. The methodology will address complex constraints, including efficiency, cost reduction, power/torque density, and recyclability of critical raw materials. 

The chosen topology, Axial Flux Synchronous Machine, holds immense promise. Despite being efficient, current AFSMs occupy a niche market due to high manufacturing costs. MAXIMA aims to unlock their full potential by refining design and manufacturing processes, leading to higher performance, lower costs, and a reduced environmental footprint. 


Collaboration Across the Entire Value Chain 

MAXIMA brings together a consortium of research teams and companies spanning the entire value chain, from raw material suppliers to car manufacturers, along with a recycling company. This collaboration ensures a holistic approach to addressing technological and scientific challenges in the electromagnetic, mechanical, and thermal fields. 

At the project’s conclusion, MAXIMA will deliver high TRL5 prototypes and a validated methodology, accelerating the design process and reducing time to market. Additionally, MAXIMA introduces cutting-edge technologies, such as EM digital twins, to unleash the full potential of electrical machines. 

As we commemorate World Day for CO2 Emission Reduction, MAXIMA stands as a testament to the power of collaborative innovation in driving sustainable solutions for the automotive industry. Together, we pave the way for a cleaner and greener tomorrow. 

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