Modular AXIal flux Motor for Automotive

The goal of MAXIMA is to create an affordable and adaptable axial flux electric machine for the automotive industry that offers enhanced performance, incorporates strategies to reduce the use of critical rare earth metals, and has minimal environmental impact.

To enhance performance, an innovative multiphysics design process will be employed, incorporating novel thermal management concepts. Furthermore, a Digital Twin will be constructed, to facilitate the development of an optimal control strategy for operating the electrical machine at its maximum potential. To minimize costs, the electrical machine and its manufacturing process flow will be jointly designed.

The end-of-life considerations for the electrical machine, including the recycling of rare earth metals used in permanent magnets, will be thoroughly examined. The Life Cycle Assessment will be conducted to analyze the environmental impact of each solution throughout its entire life cycle. Recommendations for mitigating impacts across various environmental impact categories will be provided, with a primary focus on reducing impacts related to climate change and mineral resource scarcity.

Upon completion of the MAXIMA project, prototypes will be produced to conduct testing, assessment, and validation of the novel concepts explored in the project, including the modular design of the electrical machine, the optimal control based on Digital Twin, and the manufacturing/recycling process flow.


As we progress through the various stages of the project, we will be sharing the results of our research process and conclusions in various formats. Keep track of our updates as we move forward!