The MAXIMA project has officially become a part of the  E-VOLVE Cluster, where E-VOLVE stands for Electric Vehicle Optimized for Life, Value, and Efficiency. This marks a significant stride towards fostering collaboration and enhancing the impact of electric vehicle (EV) innovations.

The E-VOLVE Cluster operates on the principle that connecting parallel research and development activities funded in complementary areas is essential, aligning with the vision set by the European Commission. MAXIMA’s consortium is deeply committed to showcasing the immense potential of synergies between projects, a dedication echoed by fellow members within the E-VOLVE Cluster. This collaborative effort involves a total of 14 projects and spans across 18 countries, showcasing the global reach and diverse expertise that collectively contribute to shaping the future of electric vehicles.

The E-VOLVE cluster operates through three key working groups:

  1. Communication & Dissemination: This group focuses on enhancing collaboration and maximizing the impact of projects within the cluster. Members contribute to a comprehensive communication plan, managing websites and social media platforms, coordinating newsletters, and undertaking joint dissemination activities to increase overall visibility.
  2. Scientific Board: Dedicated to creating synergies among cluster members, the Scientific Board aims to increase impact through common scientific publications. Members target relevant conferences and publications, aligning with the cluster’s mission to develop synergies between projects from Horizon 2020 and Horizon Europe calls.
  3. Industrialization & Exploitation: This group aims to deliver impactful innovations covering a broad spectrum of electric vehicle components. Focused on the new generation of electric vehicles, their work meets future mobility needs while adhering to market demands for energy efficiency, usability, and cost-effectiveness. The group supports this process through access to vehicle demonstrators and utilizes business tools such as the value proposition canvas.

In summary, this marks a significant milestone for MAXIMA, elevating the project’s visibility on a global scale and establishing a valuable new international partnership. Stay tuned for more updates as MAXIMA and the E-VOLVE Cluster work hand in hand to drive innovation and elevate the electric vehicle landscape!

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