The «Sustainable Drives: Exploring Innovations in Green Vehicle Propulsion» event brought together 60 attendees and showcased the collaborative efforts of four pioneering European projects. These projects are dedicated to transforming the landscape of electrification in the automotive industry. In a world grappling with the urgent need for sustainable solutions to combat climate change, the transition to electric mobility has never been more imperative. Nevertheless, formidable challenges like high manufacturing costs, environmental consequences, and resource scarcity continue to hinder progress.

In case you miss the event, don’t worry – we’ve got you covered. You can watch the presentations of our four speakers below, following the schedule of the day.

  •  EM-TECH Innovative e-motor technologies covering e-axles and e-corners vehicle architectures for high-efficient and sustainable e-mobility. 

Presented by  Dr. Eric Armengaud | Armengaud Innovate GmbH


  • HEFT Novel concept of a low-cost, high-power density and highly efficient recyclable motor for next-generation mass-produced electric vehicles. 

Presented by Dr. Javier Poza, Mondragon Unibertsitatea 


  • MAXIMA Modular AXIal flux Motor for Automotive 

Presented by Prof. Stéphane Clenet, Arts et Métiers-Institute of Technology 


  • VOLTCAR Design, manufacturing, and validation of ecocycle electric traction motor 

Presented by Dr. Jenni Pippuri-Makelainen, VTT – Technical Research Centre of Finland 


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